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Simplifying the Complex: A Tax-Smart Approach to Holistic Planning

Simplifying the Complex: A Tax-Smart Approach to Holistic Planning

Your wealth is intertwined with so many aspects of your life. In many cases, you need multiple professionals like an attorney, accountant, financial advisor, and insurance agent sitting across the table from each other just to choreograph an individualized plan for your unique needs. Not only is this a time-consuming process to plan and make sure this meeting occurs but this process can be expensive as well – imagine the hourly rate for each professional in the room! 

This is the key to understanding why holistic financial planning is important. Instead of having professionals operate independently and siloed from each other, holistic planning ensures that all these areas are coordinated and work together on your behalf. We’ll work with other professionals and help you navigate the inevitable changes that happen in life and adjust your financial needs accordingly. 

Holistic planning helps you prioritize your goals. This type of planning allows you to verbally identify what’s important to you, like retiring early versus working longer to maintain a certain lifestyle. A holistic financial plan gives you flexibility to change as your life evolves. Holistic financial planning places a unique focus on you and your needs.

Tax, financial, legal, and insurance all must work together, in harmony, like an orchestra. One violin sounds good, but when they all work together, they create the best music. If your current advisor isn’t looking at your plan with all these areas coordinated, you could have a dangerous gap in your strategy and not even know it. You could pay excessive taxes and fees and lose everything due to a catastrophic health event, or even run out of money in retirement. 

You need a financial advisor who can conduct your whole financial orchestra, by creating a tax-smart holistic financial plan.

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