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New Year, New Goals!

New Year, New Goals!

January 29, 2021

The freshness of a New Year provides us an opportunity to dream again and expand our vision. As humans we naturally have a desire to be “bigger than ourselves” and accomplish big goals. Many of us may have made New Year resolutions. Now, with a month gone bye, we wonder, how can that moment of freshness carry on to something that’s impactful and actually makes a difference in our lives and those around us.

I would love to hear your ideas!

I’ll share with you two tools I’ve found useful.

1. The ideas from Owain Service & Rory Gallagher’s book “Think Small”

Here’s a sample of lessons from the book:

GOAL: Spending time with my young kids

Step 1: Set

  • Choose the right goal

Strengthen social relationships with your young family

  • Set a specific target and deadline

Help read, bath and get your kids to sleep at least three work nights per week throughout 2018

Step 2: Plan

  • Keep it simple

Leave work by 5pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays

  • Create an actionable plan:

Get to work by 8am and schedule meetings to finish by 4:30pm. Set a daily reminder/alarm on your phone for 4:45pm with a picture of your kids. If the reminder goes off and your still working then shut down your computer and finish any urgent work after you’ve put the kids to bed

Step 3: Commit

  • Make a binding commitment

Make a promise to your kids on Sunday evening what you will read to them that week and email this lists of boos to a designated work colleague

Step 4: Reward

  • Beware of backfire effects

When you don’t meet your weekly target , you have to buy your colleague lunches for a week and your kids get to choose your weekend clothes

Step 5: Share

  • Ask for help

Ask your office manager to help manage your calendar appointments to reduce late meetings and overnight travel and leave the office together on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

Step 6: Feedback

  • Know where you stand in relation to your goal

Keep track of progress on your calendar in kitchen at home and send a photo of this to your colleague on a weekly basis

Step 7: Stick

  • Test and learn

Try singing songs as well as reading different types of stories to your kids and see what they enjoy most and what helps settle them for bed most effectively

  • Reflect and celebrate

Every month ask your kids which books they liked most and share these with friends

2. SELF Journal by BESTSELF

Yes, it’s an expensive journal. But its layout is phenomenal. It’s a little intimidating to get started with but once you breakthrough it can keep you focused, on track and on TARGET!